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TeaFavors Gift Box

TeaFavors Gift Box

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Brand: TeaFavorsItem

Form: Loose Leaves

Unit Count: 4.232Ounce

PackageInformation: Sachet

Weight: 20 Grams

  • TeaFavor’s assorted gift box contains 6 pouches with 20 grams of black tea, green tea, herbal or spice tea, and fruit tea. You get to try tea flavors from all over the world and experience the various cultures while sipping on your tea.
  • The quantities are more than enough to brew 60+ cups and even more when you re-steep. It's less than $0.50 per delicious cuppa of tea which is very economical when compared with a restaurant-style tea at your home. We do not compromise on quality or quantity.
  • It’s a whispering world of flavors! An exceptional, yet delicious tea experience awaits you! Are you a tea enthusiast willing to test out all kinds of exotic and luxury loose-leaf tea flavors out there, then the TeaFavors gift box is just the thing you need? Designed for tea lovers everywhere, our gift box consists of six different varieties of premium luxury teas.
  • A tea gift box is a perfect gift for anyone passionate about tea, including yourself. So why not try the TeaFavors subscription and get surprised each month with an especially curated collection of the best teas found globally?
  • A cup of brewing tea helps restore all the normality in life. Well, you can’t buy happiness but you can buy tea and that’s kind of the same thing. It’s the best solution to every catastrophe and conundrum that the day may bring. Tea time allows us to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings. A cup of tea is a cup of peace.
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TeaFavors Gift box

TeaFavors Gift box

Gift your loved ones the extravagant Tea Favors gift box and make their day. A classic pick with six extraordinary tea flavors and an infuser to enhance the taste. The exquisite 20-gram pouches possess six different kinds tea delicacies which can be enjoyed about 60 times

Blissful Breeze - Black Tea

Enjoy your evening with this sweet and Smooth tea. With prominent fruity notes along with Sweet Mango & Pineapple aroma, it relaxes you and its bright orange color brings you joy with every sip. Energize your morning with its caffeine

About Blissful Breeze

Relax your mind with antioxidants, and re-en- ergize your skin with its anti-aging properties

Jewels of the Zen

Give an aromatic start to your day with a smooth tea along with prominent strawberry & current flavor notes, it will surely refresh your mood. Bright, pale green to yellow green tea, it acts like an afternoon activator to shake off your day’s fatigue

About Jewels of the Zen

Relax yourself for the day. Loaded with antioxidants and known for its anti aging it helps to calm and relax your mind

There is a tea for any time of the Day!

Created to satisfy your desires the way you want. Bring joy and happiness into the lives of your loved ones by gifting them the best possible tea flavors with TeaFavors.

Spring Meadows - Fruit Tea

Satisfy your throat with a subtle tea with sweet and zesty hints with floral aroma, gives you energy to finish up chores while being low on caffeine. It will not hamper your sleep schedule, and this light green hued tea makes a delicious drink too

About Spring Meadows

Loaded with antioxidants it helps you to boost your immune system and focus in life. Also known for its anti-aging properties, it is the best drink to make your day

Happy Princess - Rooibos Tea

An exclusive combination of fruity and spicy with prominent orange zest along with citrusy aroma gives you energy to stay focused and finish up your daily chores while being low in caffeine. This light orange hued tea makes a delicious drink

About Happy Princess

Enhance your skin’s health with high antioxidants while calming and relaxing your mind

Embrace the tea culture at the comfort of your home!

Embrace the tea culture at the comfort of your home. Have tea lovers around you? Bring Tea Favors to their taste with this value pack and have a tea party

Ginger Turmeric Healer - Herbal Tea

Have a sweet tooth? This is the perfect choice. This sweet and Smooth tea, with prominent fruity & spicy flavor notes along with Zesty Ginger aroma is a perfect blend to sip on after a cold day outside

About Ginger Turmeric Healer

Loaded with antioxidants it boosts your immune system while improving the anti-inflammatory properties. The pale-yellow colored tea can calm and heal your sore throat while providing you the warmth, for a peaceful night sleep

Cherry Mimosa - Black/Fruit Tea

Enjoy the aroma with prominent cherry notes and fruity flavors along with reddish hue. This tea serves the purpose of a refreshing drink while giving you the adequate amount of energy for the day

About Cherry Mimosa

Loaded with antioxidants and anti-aging properties, it boosts your immune system, helps you to focus, while calming and relax- ing you