Festive Harvest - Rooibos Tea

Festive Harvest - Rooibos Tea

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My Name: Festive Harvest

My Description: 

Introducing "Festive Harvest Rooibos Tea" - a delightful blend of rooibos, orange, almond pieces, anise, cardamom, calendula, red cornflower petals, cranberry, and clove pieces.

This tea is the perfect way to celebrate the harvest season and all the wonderful flavors it brings. The rooibos provides a smooth and naturally sweet base, while the orange and almond pieces add a fruity and nutty taste. The anise and cardamom bring a warm and spicy flavor, perfect for cooler weather.

To add more depth and complexity, we have included calendula, red cornflower petals, cranberry, and clove pieces. These ingredients provide a vibrant pop of color and enhance the overall flavor, creating a well-balanced taste.

Festive Harvest Rooibos Tea is perfect for anyone who loves the flavors of the season and wants to indulge in a comforting and cozy cup of tea. The aroma alone will fill your senses with warmth and happiness.

So bring in the harvest season with a cup of Festive Harvest Rooibos Tea, and enjoy the wonderful flavors and aromas it brings.



What's in me? 

Rooibos, Orange, Almond pieces, Anise, Cardamom, Calendula, Red Cornflower petals,
Cranberry, Clove pieces, Natural flavors (Organic Compliant)

How do I taste?

  • Flavor: Orange Spice flavored tea
  • Aroma: Orange
  • Color: Reddish orange to full color
  • Infusion: Coppery Brown
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