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Mystic Herbal Ginger Grove - Fruit Tea

Mystic Herbal Ginger Grove - Fruit Tea

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My Name: Mystic Herbal Ginger Grove

My Description:

Embark on a journey through the enchanting realm of TeaFavors' Mystic Herbal Ginger Grove. This mesmerizing blend weaves a tale of flavor and nature's bounty. Imagine an orchard where apple pieces and rosehip peels intermingle with the calming presence of willow herb and the earthy essence of carrot pieces. Let raspberry leaves whisper their herbal secrets while the invigorating ginger takes center stage, embraced by the delicate notes of vervain and elderflowers. Allow the natural ginger fruit flavor and mallow leaves to guide you through this ethereal grove of taste, a sanctuary of serenity and discovery.




What's in me?

Contains Apple Pieces, Rosehip Peels, Willow Herb, Carrot Pieces, Raspberry Leaves, Ginger Pieces (7%), Vervain, Natural Ginger Fruit Flavor, Mallow Leaves, Elderflowers (3%).

How much do i weight: 50.0 Grams

How do I taste?

Flavor: Mystic Herbal Ginger Grove beckons with a symphony of flavors. The foundation of apple and rosehip peels provides a fruity backdrop. Willow herb and carrot pieces infuse a subtle, grounding note. Raspberry leaves contribute an herbal intrigue while the invigorating ginger commands attention. Vervain and elderflowers dance in the background, and mallow leaves add a soothing touch, creating an orchestra of harmonious taste.

Aroma: Close your eyes and inhale the aroma of Mystic Herbal Ginger Grove—an orchard in bloom. The sweet fragrance of apples entwines with the invigorating scent of ginger, offering a preview of the lush flavors that await.

Color: As it brews, Mystic Herbal Ginger Grove transforms into a warm, inviting amber hue. This captivating color mirrors the diversity of ingredients, evoking a sense of serenity and exploration.

Infusion: The infusion of Mystic Herbal Ginger Grove is a revelation. As the ingredients merge and unfurl, they create a captivating and revitalizing cup of tea, inviting you to partake in its mystery.

Health Benefits:  Mystic Herbal Ginger Grove is a trove of potential healthful benefits. The combined properties of the ingredients offer a blend of wellness, from the potential digestive support of ginger to the soothing effects of vervain and elderflowers.

Brewing Instructions: To experience the full mystique of Mystic Herbal Ginger Grove, follow these brewing instructions:

  • Boil fresh, filtered water and let it cool slightly.
  • Place one teaspoon of the tea blend (approximately 2 grams) into your chosen brewing vessel.
  • Gently pour the warm water over the blend and let it steep for 5-7 minutes.
  • Inhale deeply as the aroma envelops you.
  • After steeping, observe the infusion's vibrant transformation.
  • Savor the enigmatic flavors of Mystic Herbal Ginger Grove with every sip, allowing the grove's story to unfold.

Note: Customize steeping time for your desired strength. Embrace the blend's natural charm or enhance it with a drizzle of honey for an added touch of sweetness.