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Paradise Apple Rhapsody - Fruit Tea

Paradise Apple Rhapsody - Fruit Tea

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My Name: Paradise Apple Rhapsody

My Description:

Embark on a melodious journey with our Tropical Fruit Serenade Tea. This exquisite blend orchestrates the crisp sweetness of apple pieces, the luscious charm of candied papaya, and the tropical allure of candied mango pieces, all harmonized by the delicate presence of rose buds and a hint of cinnamon. Immerse yourself in this sensory masterpiece that transports your senses to a tropical paradise.




What's in me?

Contains Apple Pieces, Candied Papaya Pieces, Candied Mango Pieces, Rose Buds, Cinnamon.

How much do i weight: 50.0 Grams

How do I taste?

Flavor: Tropical Fruit Serenade unfolds a captivating symphony of flavors. The crispness of apple pieces lays the foundation, while the candied papaya and mango pieces infuse a sweet, tropical note. The delicate presence of rose buds adds an elegant floral touch, and a hint of cinnamon harmonizes the medley into a delightful taste experience that is both refreshing and comforting.

Aroma: The aroma of Tropical Fruit Serenade is an enchanting embrace of sweet and tropical fragrances. The blend of fruits mingles with the subtle notes of rose and cinnamon, creating an enticing bouquet that evokes a sense of relaxation and indulgence.

Color: As it brews, Tropical Fruit Serenade unveils a mesmerizing amber hue, reflecting the dynamic blend of ingredients. The inviting colors enhance the overall tea experience, inviting you to explore its flavors.

Infusion: The infusion of Tropical Fruit Serenade is a work of art. The apple pieces, candied papaya, and mango pieces blend seamlessly with the rose buds and cinnamon, resulting in a vibrant and rejuvenating cup of tea that embodies the essence of a tropical paradise.

Health Benefits:

Tropical Fruit Serenade offers a harmonious blend of potential healthful benefits. The natural goodness of apples, papaya, and mango pieces adds a dose of vitamins and minerals to your daily cup. The delicate rose buds and cinnamon contribute to a soothing and comforting experience.

Brewing Perfection:

To experience the full serenade of Tropical Fruit Serenade, follow these simple brewing instructions:

  1. Boil fresh, filtered water and allow it to cool slightly.
  2. Place one teaspoon of the tea blend (approximately 2 grams) into your chosen brewing vessel.
  3. Gently pour the warm water over the blend and let it steep for 3-4 minutes.
  4. Immerse yourself in the captivating aroma during steeping.
  5. After steeping, strain the infusion to separate the tea leaves and fruit pieces.
  6. Savor the tropical flavors of Tropical Fruit Serenade with each sip.
  7. Personalize steeping time to achieve your desired strength, and consider adding a touch of sweetness to enhance the tropical experience, creating your own unique tea tradition.

Note: Adjust the steeping time to match your preferred intensity. Experiment with sweeteners to create your perfect tropical paradise in a cup.