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Pear Peach Combo - Green Tea

Pear Peach Combo - Green Tea

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My Name: Pear Peach Combo

My Description: 

It’s a peachy concoction for souls as sweet as a Peach! Tea Favors proudly presents this resonant tea and fruity merger to replicate the summer. This delectable medley combines black and green tea with sensational ingredients like mate, pear, peach, and red currents to create an enticing fruity and floral brew. With emerging peach and pare notes, the tea exhibits subtle grassy hints from the background. It’s a perfect fusion for enhanced energy and revitalizing your body, and enjoy iced when you are exhausted!




What's in me?

Black tea, Green tea, Flavor, Mate green, Nettle leaves, Manna pieces, Pear pieces (2%), Peach pieces (peach, rice flour) (2%), Sunflower petals, Red currants, Vitamin C, Guarana seeds, Blackthorn petals

How much do i weight: 50.0 Grams

How do I taste?

  • Flavor: Subtle tea with a peachy and grassy flavor profile   
  • Aroma: Prominent fruity aroma 
  • Color: Light orange hue


The unique combination of this fruity black tea infusion offers numerous benefits for your healthy living, and we have listed a few

  • Rich in antioxidants & nutrients
  • Boost energy & focus
  • Ease off sore throat & related symptoms
  • Better digestion
  • Ease off pain & discomfort

BREWING INSTRUCTIONS: Use one spoonful of tea leaves per cup. Steep for 3 minutes using freshly boiled water for a medium-strength brew. Brew longer or shorter as per your desired strength.