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Rose Marzipan - Black Tea

Rose Marzipan - Black Tea

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My Name: Rose Marzipan

My Description: 

Are you on a diet? Have some BT Rose Marzipan with christmas cookies for a perfect detox and mindful alertness. This European blend is famous for its unique characteristics. Unlike most black teas, this one carries a blend of different flavors mixed with rose petals and cardamom to give you a refreshing feel while helping you stay alert for rest of the day.



What's in me?

black tea flavor, caramelized almonds (almonds, sugar), rose petals(4%), cardamom, rose buds(2%), vanilla pieces Contains almonds.

How do I taste?

  • Black Tea with spices and petals
  • Flavored rose marzipan taste

Health Benefits: 

  • Neutralizes free radicals 
  • Keeps you mentally alert 
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease
  • Controls obesity

Recipe: Add 1 teaspoon in hot boiling water at 212 F. Let it infuse for 3 minutes at least. Don’t leave the tea in water for long, or else it will become bitter. Strain immediately and enjoy your tea! 

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